Residency Rights

The Campaign was forged in an effort to highlight the Israeli violations aimed at stripping Palestinian Jerusalemites from their residency rights (and in turn their ability to live in the city and contribute to its demographic make-up). The Campaign’s main interventions in this regard include media campaigns, workshops, community awareness sessions, as well as, diplomatic mission meetings aimed at soliciting country support in pressuring Israel to cease its discriminatory practices. In 2014,The International Coalition participated in a series of activities, most notably meeting with European parliamentarians in the European Parliament in Brussels in March 2014, to stress the gravity of the issue of withdrawing the Jerusalemites’ identity cards and demanding the European Union to exert pressure on the Israeli government to halt this policy. Moreover, in partnership with JLAC, the Campaign conducted 13 awareness workshops, with the participation of 213 citizens, in different neighborhoods in Jerusalem, on issues related to withdrawal of identity cards and family reunification. 




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