Family Reunification

Pursuant to the decision of the Israeli Minister of Interior freezing the acceptance of applications by Palestinian families for family reunion, the number of such pending applications has exceeded 100,000. In 2014, JLAC treated 1319 cases relevant to obtaining family reunification, as well as 58 cases related to application for child registration at the Israeli Ministry of Interior. Children face many considerable problems in the event that one of their parents was not a Jerusalem- ID holder, the most serious among them is refusal by the Israeli Ministry of Interior to register the child, in turn denying him/ her of their due social and economic rights as Jerusalemites (i.e. ability to reside in the city and access education, health care, allowances, etc.).

Along the same effort, the Israeli Ministry of Interior continued practicing its policy of stripping Jerusalemites of their right to reside in the city of Jerusalem through withdrawing the identity cards (in accordance with their discriminatory protocols) of those who acquire residency/citizenship in a foreign country or have resided beyond the municipal bounds of Jerusalem for more than seven years. Between January and November of 2012, the occupation authority had denied the residency rights of 101 Palestinians, bringing the total of persons having lost their right to reside in Jerusalem to more than 14,232 Palestinians since the city was occupied in 1967. In 2014, JLAC treated 80 cases related to withdrawal of Jerusalem identity cards.




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