Sources of Support

Core Donors
The Irish Representative Office(Irish Aid):
JLAC began its partnership with the Irish Representative Office (Irish Aid) in 2007, with a grant for core funds. This grant has since been renewed on an annual bases, with 76,614 USD granted in 2012 towards core funding.
Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World):
(BFTW) is one of JLAC’s original donors whom funded the Center since its separation from the Quakers back in 1997. BftW’s grant covering 2012 is in the amount of 54,909 USD. The fund is devoted to the defense of victims of violations of human rights, as per Palestinian and international laws.
The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD):
JLAC’s partnership with CAFOD likewise dates back to 1997, with a current fund being provided in the amount of 45,990 USD in 2012. The funds are geared towards strengthening community institutions that seek to promote the principles of human rights and democratic reform, and to provide legal defense to Palestinian victims of abuse and injustice.
The United Nations Development Program (UNDP):
In 2011, JLAC began its partnership with the UNDP, which provided JLAC with funding in 2012 in the amount of 178, 771 USD over a period of one year. The funding is designated for core activities involving the defense of victims of settler violence in Areas “C” and the protection of public freedoms and a fund for institutional development. JLAC hopes to renew this fund on an annual basis.
Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Secretariat:
A new partnership was forged in 2014 between JLAC and the HR & IHL secretariat. The Secretariat has awarded JLAC core funding in the amount of 410,000 USD (for 2014-2016) towards the achievement of its core programing (with 137,600 USD in funds allocated for 2014).
Project- Based Donors
The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC):
The NRC has been a main donor of JLAC’s since 2009, with two projects currently being funded by the intuition, one in the West Bank and the other in East Jerusalem. Both projects are geared towards securing Palestinians’ right to housing and livelihood. The funding amount in 2012 was 518,722 USD.
Welfare Association:
The Welfare Association awarded JLAC funds for a projects aimed at improving the economic and social conditions of marginalized Jerusalemites and enhancing their steadfastness in their city. The project will be implemented over a year and a half (during the years 2013-2014), with the grant amounting to 120,000 USD (of which 76,451 USD were allocated for activities in 2014).
 The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid):
In collaboration with Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP), JLAC implemented an AusAid funded project aimed at strengthening control mechanisms and documentation of Israeli violations in marginalized Bedouin communities in areas classified as “C” towards ensuring their steadfastness. The project will be implemented during 2013- 2015, with 104,070 USD provided in total (and 44,639 USD allocated for activities in 2014).
Federal Republic of Germany Foreign Office:
A new partnership was forged between JLAC and the German Foreign Office, with a project aimed countering human rights violations against Palestinian Bedouins in Area “C” of the West Bank through advocacy interventions. The grant amount was 25,000 USD to be utilized through October and close of the year.




Salfeet Office

Abu Ganem bulding
schools street
Telefax:+9709 2517101

Nablus Office

Chamber of commerce bulding 5th floor
Sufian Street
Telefax: +970 9 238655


Jerusalem Office

Kamal Building, 1st floor
12 Ibn Batoota Street
East Jerusalem
Tel.: +972 2 627 2982
Fax: +972 2 626 4770
PO Box 20166, Jerusalem

Ramallah Office

Millennium Building, 6st floor
Kamal Nasser Street
Tel.: +970 2 298 7981
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