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JLAC published a new newsletter on December 2016.
> JLAC Succeeds in canceling the demolition order regarding Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in Al-Nweimah
JLAC Succeeds in canceling the demolition order regarding Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in Al-Nweimah

The Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center- JLAC has succeeded in canceling the demolition order regarding the Arab Al-Rashaydeh School in the Al-Nweimah area (servicing a community of 320 people). The Israeli Civil Administration- ICA issued a demolition order for the school in June 2016, with the excuse of it lacking a building permit. After exhausting all legal proceedings before of the ICA (which insisted on executing the demolition order), JLAC was prompted to appeal before the Israeli High Court through the Center's lawyer Mr. Mohammad Abbasi on August 18th, 2016. An immediate injunction was issued preventing the ICA from carrying out the demolition order, with the demolition order against the school recently cancelled.

The appeal was part of JLAC's efforts to defend the human rights of Palestinians, especially the right education for the children of Arab Al-Rashaydeh, a right guaranteed by all international and humanitarian conventions. Such is in addition to the right of Arab Al-Rashaydeh to remain on their land and protect their livelihood resources from plans of forced displacement which target and threaten their existence in the area.

It should be noted that Arab Al-Rashaydeh – as the remainder of Palestinian Bedouin communities dotting the slopes and hills of the Palestinian Jordan Valley – are considered a target of the Israeli Occupation's assaults and attacks that seek to displace Palestinian citizens. The ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian Jordan Valley of its indigenous people, will serve the Occupation's expansionist interests to annex the area to the State of Israel. Arab Al-Rashaydeh were displaced from their lands in Ein Al-Jedi Area in Beir Al-Sabe' in 1948, which led to the community's people being displaced to several areas in the West Bank, with some settling in the Ramoun area East of Ramallah District.

In 1997, a large segment of the community settled in Al-Dyouk Al-Fouqa area, as the area is rich in water and pastures. Israeli Occupation forces continue to target the community, negatively impacting its members and ability to herd, in an effort to pressure them. The demolition orders regarding the school and a number of structures belonging to the community, is a mere episode in the series of violations enacted by the Israel against Arab Al-Rashaydeh in particular, and the entirety of Palestine’s Bedouin population in the Jordan Valley in general.

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